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"Worship Him"
Rev. 14 in Song

"Appointment with History"      "World Trade Center in Prophecy?"
        Both Parts of our Amazing Testimony         Could the tragedy of 9-11 be in scripture?

                         "Thief in the Night"                    "You Must Be Born Again"
             Prophetic Song                     
John 3 in song


                  "Culture Wars"                     "Tell - A - Vision"
                                Who is Israel?                      A prophetic view of Technology


"Soldiers for Jesus"                    "Lord, Lord!"
             Spiritual Analogy                      Matthew 7 in song


      "Lift Up Your Eyes"                     "Secret Places"
        Isaiah 51 in Song                      Matt 24 in Song


         In Memory of our Daughter
Jennifer          "Resurrection Life"                                   


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- More Original Videos


       "Store Your Treasures"                       "Sardis LIFE"
                        Revelation 3:17 in song                       Fulfillment of Prophecy?


                                                                            "My Father and Me on TV 1955"                My Mother's Memorial Page            


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